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The Virginia Parents Bill of Rights

We the Parents of the Commonwealth of Virginia are the primary educators of our children. We unequivocally assert the following rights in the service of our sacred duty to raise our children in a manner that equips and prepares them for a future of engaged and honorable citizenship:  

End Secret Lesson Plans: The lesson plan for every class session, in every grade of every
school from pre-K to AP, shall be posted on a public website, to include teaching material,
readings, handouts, activities, videos, and assignments. The materials shall be available with
sufficient advance notice to allow for parents to meaningfully exercise their right to opt their child
out of objectionable material.

End Curriculum Coercion: Parents shall have the right to opt their children out of any class,
activity, lesson, reading, audio-visual material or access to a library book to which they object.
Opted-out students may be excused from school grounds by parents or provided study hall or
alternative activities in an open, common area in the school.

End Secret Libraries: An up-to-date list of the title and author of each book in each in-classroom
library shall be posted on a public website for each school.

End Secret Teacher Training: All teacher and staff training at the public schools shall be noticed
at least a week in advance, livestreamed, and the recordings made available on a public website
for a period no less than 5 years.

End Secret Medical Treatment: No medical item or service, including a drug, device, vaccine,
diagnostic or screening test, implant, surgery, procedure, medical consultation, advice, referral or
family planning service shall be provided to any student by a school or a school-sponsored or
school-referred entity without prior parental consent.

End Secret Student Information: No information about a child, known to school staff, coaches
or volunteers, shall be withheld in any way from a student’s parent, including alternate names,
sexual activity, orientation or identity, medical or mental health records, vaccination status,
disciplinary records, or status as a victim of any crime or potential crime.

End Medical Coercion: Children shall not, as a condition of enrollment or in-person attendance
in a public school or participation in an extracurricular activity, be required to receive a drug, test,
vaccine, screening procedure, or use a medical device, including a face mask, if a parent objects
on any of the following grounds: a) religious or moral (parent attestation), b) medical grounds
(parent and health care provider attestation), or c) lack of an FDA approval as safe and effective
for the child’s age, sex, health status, or indication (parent and health care provider attestation).

Right to Privacy: All students and staff shall have a right to intimate facilities corresponding to
their biological sex, including bathrooms, locker rooms, and lodging on school-sponsored trips.
Any student may use a single-user facility upon request if a school can reasonably accommodate
such a request.

Fairness and Safety in Sports: No student shall be required, as a condition of participation, to
compete with or against students of the opposite biological sex in a school-sponsored sports
activity that is designated for boys or for girls.

End Secret Crimes: Notwithstanding § 22.1-279.3:1, all crimes perpetrated at a school against a
child or by a child shall be reported immediately to law enforcement and to the parents of the
children involved (including witnesses), including sexual assault, rape, other violent assault, drug
dealing, or threats with deadly weapons.

End Speech Coercion: There shall be no requirement that students, parents, staff, coaches or
volunteers use pronouns not corresponding to a student’s biological sex, make statements
relating to race, privilege, oppression, or bias, or refrain from participating in First Amendment
protected activity in their personal capacities.

Racism is Immoral: No school or school-sponsored program shall train, teach, or promote the
following to students or staff: that any race is inherently superior or inferior; that any individual is
racist, privileged, oppressive, biased, or responsible for actions committed by others of the same
race or skin color, by virtue of race or skin color; that the U.S. is fundamentally racist; or that
market-based economies are inherently racist.

Segregation is Immoral: No student or staff affinity group shall exclude members on the basis of
race, skin color, or national origin, nor shall a school establish certain rights, programs, spaces, or
privileges exclusively for students of a certain race or skin color.

Parents Name Their Children: Children shall be called in school by the name(s) authorized by
their parents.

Mutual Respect for All: All children and adults shall be treated with dignity and respect in the
public schools, and bullying shall be addressed robustly.

Education is an Essential Service: The public schools shall not be closed to in-person learning
unless all other commercial and government facilities, without exception, are ordered closed by
the exercise of lawful authority of the Governor or an Act of the Virginia General Assembly and
signed by the Governor.

End Secret School Board Meetings: Two or more school board members may not conspire in
semi-private or private groups, in person or online, to discuss School District business with
members of the public on an invite-only basis.

Parents’ Right to Speak: All School District residents shall have the right to comment at School
Board Meetings, and their right to applaud and cheer other speakers shall not be abridged.

Parents’ Right to Question: School Board members and superintendents shall conduct regular
public meetings during which they shall answer questions from School District residents.

End Secret Documents: There shall be no fees charged to parents of public school students for
Freedom of Information Act request responses.

End Secret Spending: All contracts, grants or other procurement awards shall be published for
public review and comment prior to the award being made.

Restore School Board Integrity: Reform the recall process for School Board members by
allowing residents of school districts to initiate a recall of their school board through a special
referendum election, triggered by a petition by a significant proportion of registered voters in the

Restore School Board Responsiveness: Parents shall have the right to override decisions of
the School Board by referendum.

Enforce the VA Parents Bill of Rights: Parents whose child attends a school in violation of the
above-listed rights shall be eligible to move their child to another school.

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If you are a elected official at any level (local, state or federal) in public office in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or if you are a candidate running for such an office, click below to sign a pledge to uphold the Virginia Parents Bill of Rights

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